Dog Collars

Benefits of LED Dog Collars

You must have heard of the basic Leather Collars, Designer dog collars, PVC collars but have you heard of LED Dog Collars. LED dog collars are otherwise known as Light Emitting Diode dog collars. As defined on Wikipedia,  alight-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices and are increasingly used for other lighting. Because of its powerful light properties and ability to be bright and visible in the dark and ability to come in any colour possible, the LED technology has now entered in the pet market and has been very popular among the dog community.

Below you can find a quick summary of how they work and their useful purposes:

How does the LED dog collar work?
The LED dog collars are battery operated and most require only one button lithium battery. These are the same batteries used in wrist watches. Batteries are simply inserted, a small switch on button activated and the lining around the collar where the LED pipe type of feature lights up. Very easy to operate. When the LED lights are not needed, all you have to do is switch off and use the dog collar as a normal collar.

Why do I need a LED Dog collars?
Safety First – When taking your dog out for walks at night, the LED collar allows you to keep track of your dog and prevents you losing sight of your dog in the dark. This can prove very effective if you live on a large block of land or maybe on a farm

Location – It is always helpful besides you for others especially cyclists and motorists to have your dog in their vision clearly. We all know dogs have a habit of running onto the road blindly. Having these LED dog collars would ensure if they do my mistake step into somebody’s path, they are quickly noticed through their lit up dog collars and thus preventing any fatal accidents.

Look & Feel – Dog fashion shows or dressing you dog up is not uncommon anymore. The LED dog collars can make your dog stand out at the next party you are having – is it a dance party, than why not get a LED dog collar for your dog and get him involved. This is probably a nice to have benefit of such a dog collar but believe me, I have seen this happen many a times.

We hope this article for information. All you need to remember is that LED dog collars can also be used as normal So investing in one of these is like getting a two for one deal as you only use the LED part of the collar when needed. Definitely worth the functionality in provides in relation to the safety of your dog. Make sure you check out a LED dog collar the next time you visit your local pet shop.